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Using a Kids GPS Shoe to Keep Track of Your Kids

With kids running around all over the place, parents will have an increasingly hard time to keep track of them all. Imagine trying to find out where your son or daughter has wandered off to and then feeling that sinking feeling in your stomach when you cannot find them. Or perhaps your worst fears are realized and your child is a victim of a kidnapping.

Employing a Kids GPS Shoe can help you keep track of your little ones and keep them safe and sound where they belong… with you.

Why Use Kids GPS Shoes?

So what types of GPS for kids can we place on our children that won’t be found right away or be removed by the child?  The answer is obvious… shoes. Jackets can be removed easily and so can GPS watches (even easier). However, most kidnappers will not think to remove the shoes off of a child since a child walking around with an adult will naturally draw attention from nearby adults. This makes the shoe a natural place to put a GPS device.

What GPS Shoes are out there?

The big brand name manufacturers have not yet caught on to the kids GPS shoe so if your child is brand conscious you may have some difficulty in getting them to wear them. However, your younger children typically don’t adhere to brand names of clothes and will more readily adopt the “new” look.  So if the major show manufacturers don’t have a GPS shoe, who does?

GTX is one of your saviors here. They make a very stylish shoe equipped with a GPS tracker. This shoe is a “running shoe” but is also suitable for walking.

Isaac Daniel also makes a GPS shoe. Theirs is bluetooth capable and can even be configured to measure the wearer’s speed, heart rate and even body temperature.

There are other GPS shoe manufacturers (some are made even for adults) but for now, GTX and Isaac Daniel are the focus as long as we’re looking to talk about GPS for kids.

How much do GPS Shoes cost?

The cost for GPS equipped shoes are much more than a non-GPS equipped pair of shoes. For the Isaac Daniel shoes, expect to pay $150 per pair. The GTX shoes also clock in at right around the same amount. Some people may shy away from the cost of the shoes, but the counter-argument is how much do you value the life of your child? Is $150 too much to spend to maintain peace of mind?

GPS technology certainly has come a long way. The Kids GPS shoe will definitely help you keep track of your kids. Keep track of your kids and keep them safe. And sleep peacefully knowing that all is right in your world…all due to the Kids GPS shoe!