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What Is The Best GPS Handheld?

Handheld GPS devices can help you navigate your way on foot and in the car.

We talked about how to buy a hand held GPS system. Make sure you go through the steps we lay out and you’ll be sure of getting the right one for you. But some people don’t want to rely solely on their own judgement and are instead interested in what is the best GPS handheld. We want to make sure you are aware that the best handheld GPS is the one that fits your lifestyle best, but having said that here are a few models you might consider. 

Best Budget Handheld GPS

The best choice for the budget handheld GPS is the Garmin eTrex Venture HC. Most of the low budget hand held GPS devices offer only a few routes and waypoints and what is worse, they only have a monochromatic screen. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC goes above and beyond the typical budget handheld. It can store up to 500 waypoints and 50 routes and can also store up to 24MB of data. It has a highly sensitive processor and is relatively cheap (around $130 at some online retailers) but you will note that because it is at the low-end of the devices, it lacks the high end bells and whistles that the other models have. Regardless, for the money you will be quite pleased with the product. 

Best Handheld GPS

We go from the low end to the high end without identifying the middle range because in the hand held GPS market, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact model that encompasses the middle in terms of value. So lets talk about the best handheld GPS. The title of best GPS handheld goes to the Garmin Oregon 400t ($435 at some online retailers). This model holds up to 4GB of data along with 1,000 waypoints and 50 routes. This is easily the best in the GPS handheld class. It also has a 3D display, an electronic compass, a barometric altimeter, a touch screen (very popular with users) and the ability to share data with other models in the Oregon line via the use of wireless technology. More importantly, the Garmin Oregon 400t includes the complete set of U.S. topographic maps. You would think that the most feature filled GPS handheld would be complicated to use, but users report that it is in fact ,rather easy to master. 

Regardless of the type of hand held GPS you buy, you will be assured of getting the best GPS handheld at the best price if you search online for the right model for you.

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