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How Cell Phone Locators Can Help You

With advances in cell phone technology, you can now use a cell phone locator to find out the location of a particular cell phone.

Technology never stands still. Mankind is always inventing new things to make his life easier on the planet. Cell phone and GPS technology is no different. With advances in cell phone technology, you can now use a cell phone locator to find out the location of a particular cell phone.

Parents of children who have cell phones can rest easier now that cell phone locators are out in the realm of useable technology. Since 2001, GPS technology has been employed in most cell phones. With this came the ability to triangulate the location of the GPS receiver based upon where the nearest transmission tower is.

Today, there are different services that you can access which allow you to trace a cell phone location. These different services have different looks and feels and allow you a different user experience even though they are all accessing the same data pool.

The services accumulate the data from the telecom company. The data received calculates the location of the cell phone by identifying the GPS receiver and figuring out which transmission tower it is closest to. By pinpointing which towers the cell phone is between it can locate the cell phone quickly.

But why use a cell phone locator? Cell phone location is needed by individuals when trying to find out such things, including but not limited to, as where your child or other friends might be, trying to find a friend or trying to find out where the closest restaurant is. Companies use the cell phone locator service to keep tabs on their employees to make sure they are where they say they are. Above all, the cell phone locator service can be used to keep track of the cell phone for safety reasons. A worried parent, or employer, may need to use it if their child, or employee, is overdue in getting to a desired location.

So how exactly does the cell phone locator service figure out which transmission tower the cell phone is close to?  

GPS tracking cell phone technology differs from network to network. In most, but not all, networks the GPS continually transmits its location. But when an emergency call is made, the transmission will be sent so that the police can track the location of the individual and hopefully rescue them. When the trace goes out to find the cell phone’s location, the nearest tower is the one that responds back. The readings are taken more than once and are established by gathering information on the 3 towers that are closest to the cell phone. By examining the data between the three closest towers, the exact cell phone location can be established. This is called triangulation.

You can see that a cell phone network that has more towers in the area that the cell phone is, will be able to provide a more pin-point location of the cell phone. In more rural areas, where the towers are farther apart, the location may be off by hundreds of yards or even a few miles. So in urban and suburban areas, if you need to find a cell phone, the location can be found. Rural areas will take a bit more effort to locate a cell phone.

The cell phone locator is a Godsend to a worried parent or to emergency personnel who are desperately racing to rescue a trapped person or someone being kidnapped. Thanks to the wonderment of technology, it is here to stay and we can all breathe easier.

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