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GPS For Kids – Different Devices – Part One

With so many options to choose from, you could literally spend hundreds of hours trying to find the perfect device for you and your kids.

With so many options to choose from, you could literally spend hundreds of hours trying to find the perfect device for you and your kids. As we mentioned in a previous post about GPS for kids, the devices can range anywhere from something as obvious as a GPS cellphone to something as inconspicuous as a wrist-watch or a jacket that has a GPS tracker sewn into it.

Types Of Child Locator Devices

There are four basic types of child locator devices.

The first type is a Simple Audio Alert Unit. The devices are usually disguised as an animal or trinket that can be attached to shoes, backpacks or any article of clothing. When a parent presses a button, the device emits a high volume beep which alerts the parent to their child’s location.

The second type are RFID-based devices.  RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and these devices can guide parents, who have a special hand-held unit,  to the location of their child. The accuracy of these types of devices is usually within 500 feet of the locator.

The third type are GPS Logging devices. These devices are usually used as an after-the-fact type of device. What parents can do is download the data from the device to their PC (or Mac) and can verify that their child is not going to places that they are forbidden.

Finally – the GPS Real Time Monitoring System is the most promising of all types in that it provides you up-to-the-minute results via the internet on where your child is located and what they might be up to.

What GPS For Kids Devices Are Available?

One type of cellphone GPS tracking is a product called Chitter Chatter. This product resembles a wrist watch and is purported to be the world’s smallest GSM / Enhanced Locator Based Service (LBS) Locator Phone. The locator service is accurate to within 300 feet. This product was just recently announced so expect it to hit the market sometime in the near future.

Another product that can provide parents peace-of-mind is the Wherify GPS Locator Watch. This product is already out on the market. The device is water resistant, cut resistant, prevents unwanted removal (in case of abduction), and contacts 911 if the two outer buttons are held for 3 seconds. Want to know where your child is right now? Simply log onto the website and check your child’s whereabouts in real time. One of the neater features of the device is that you can unlock the device remotely if your child needs to remove it and you are not present (i.e. – if your child is at swim practice at the pool).

Wireless carriers have expanded their offerings into the realm of child tracking. Verizon offers the Chaperone service (which launched on June 16, 2008). Sprint has also has its own service
(which was launched in 2006) called Family Locator. The best thing about the Sprint service is that it can reported be used with any web-capable phone (even if a competitor sold the phone).

These are some of the products that are either on the market or are expected to hit the market soon. In our next installment we will continue with some of the different types of gps tracking devices that can be used to keep track of your young children (and even your teens).

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