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GPS For Kids – Different Devices – Part Two

With over 80,000 abductions or attempted abductions of children each year, it is important for parents to keep track of where their children are at all times.

With over 80,000 abductions or attempted abductions of children each year, it is important for parents to keep track of where their children are at all times. GPS for kids can help them do just that.

In another post we examined some of the different GPS tracking options. We will go further here and flesh out some of the more interesting offerings in the marketplace (like the GPS watch)  for concerned parents.

What GPS Tracking Systems Are Available?

One model which can be used for keeping track of your children (or pet or even a parent with Alzheimers) is the Brickhouse Locator. The locator allows you to place tiny homing tags on the person or device that you wish to keep track of. This device utilizes RFID technology in order to guide you to the location of whatever is tagged. With an unobstructed signal, the manufacturer claims that the device is effective up to 600 feet away.

Another device you can use (albeit for only small children) is the Mommy I’m Here! locator. These devices are in the shape of cute teddy bears that can be attached to your child’s shoes. The device is a simple audio alert unit the emits a 56DB signal from as far away as 150ft!! This is a perfect choice for parents whose small children are always wandering off in crowds.

Brickhouse also has another product which allows itself to be placed within a child’s jacket or backpack. The “GPS Jacket” is equipped with a mini GPS device that utilizes the GPS Real Time Monitoring system to track your child’s whereabouts.

Mini GPS devices are also being placed into shoes. Quantum Satellite Technology and GTX have separate lines of shoes which employ the GPS Real Time Monitoring System. Other retailers are also offering shoes. Initially these shoes are rather pricey (some as much as $350), but as technology improves and the shoes become more wide-spread, look for this cost to go down.

The GemTrac GPS Personal Locator System is another example of tracking children with GPS. The device allows you to monitor where your child is at all times by simply logging onto website and checking its location. The GemTrac unit also allows your child to make outbound calls to only 2 pre-set phone numbers (thus preventing your child from running up a huge wireless phone bill!). Two fantastic features on the Gemtrac is the Geofence option which allows parents to setup boundaries that their child must stay inside. If the child goes outside this invisible “fence”, an alert will be immediately sent to the parents. The second really neat feature is the Emergency Audio Remote Monitoring. When activated, this feature allows parents to listen to voices and sounds that are within a short distance from the locator.

Garmin and Magellan have devices for your older kids too. Want to know where your son and daughter has been with the family car (and possibly even how fast they were travelling) ? You can know in a second with some of their automobile GPS devices. In under an hour, any automobile can be equipped with a Garmin GPS or Magellan GPS device which can allow parents to log in to a website and monitor. Another reason for getting one is that some car insurance companies have signaled that they might give substantial discounts in the future to policyholders whose vehicles are equipped with GPS devices.

These are by no means all of the devices out in the market. This is a representative sampling of some of the devices and types of devices available to the public. As technology for GPS for kids improves, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Remember, your children are your most prized possession. Keep track of them and keep them safe!

2 Responses to “GPS For Kids – Different Devices – Part Two”

  1. mlody says:

    My 3 yer old disappeared at disneyand. Although he was only gone for 20 minutes it seemed like an eternity. Tje worst part of the hole expierence was how the disney employees handled the situation. They were not doing anything, we were leaving we were by the exit gate whenm he disappeared, they did not shut the gates they did not. Take any of tj
    he nessary steps you would expect from such a huge kid friendly establishment as disney trys to portray themselves as. It was also a special halloween costume event so I was thinking somebody had my baby and thjey puyt a costume on him and out the gate they went. Agaon disney did nothing. The moral to the stor
    y is you never think this will happen to you but when it does you realize your whole world can be turned upside in juist 1 second. If I had a gps tracking system on him at the time I would have saved myself from the whole terrifying expierence.

  2. blessing says:

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