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The Garmin Forerunner 205 Takes Running To a New Level

With the new design changes, improved technology, and more user-friendly training center software, Garmin has continued its dominance atop the GPS watch world.

Another of Garmin’s Forerunner series is the Garmin Forerunner 205.  This is one of the best mid-range offerings of GPS watches on the market and of course it comes from Garmin! The Forerunner 205 is a step up from the Forerunner 201 and a step below the Forerunner 305. As such, its price point hits the sweet spot between those other two GPS watches. And while the pricing structure is similar, this new GPS watch is different from its 01 series (201 & 301) predecessors. Regardless, runners everywhere are rejoicing about the new Forerunner 205 and 305 series of GPS watches because of the new design features and the new training center.

The Garmin Forerunner 205 – A “Game Changer” 

The 05 series of Garmin GPS watches is reportedly a new paradigm shift in GPS watches. Where the 01 series did very well performance wise, its size was a bit overbearing and “clunky” according to many consumer reviews. So Garmin went back to the drawing board and changed the whole game!

So what did they come up with? They came up with the 05 series, consisting of the Forerunner 205 and Forerunner 305 watches. This new watch wraps around the wrist and is noticeably smaller than its 01 “ancestors”. The curvature of the watch allows for the antenna to face the sky when you’re running (previous versions faced laterally to the runner) and allows the runner to quickly glance at the watch to see how their performance is on that particular run. And even though the screen is smaller than the previous generation, Garmin has increased the clarity of the screen exponentially. The result is a smaller, more effective watch that allows the runner to have a better workout than ever before.

So With So Much Different, What Has Stayed The Same With the Forerunner 205? 

Just like the 01 series, the Garmin Forerunner 205 gives the runner performance data and helps them maps routes. One of the things that make this GPS watch perform so well is the Sirfstar III GPS receiver inside. This piece of Garmin GPS magic, while not a full-fledged GPS navigational device, keeps track of different waypoints and routes due to its connection with the GPS satellites.  The performance data can be had with a glance of your eyes or a touch of a button. And where other GPS watches give you the same full data set and you have to weed through it all, the Forerunner 205 allows you to decide which information you want displayed on the screen and have at your fingertips.

The Garmin Training Center – Possibly The Best Thing About the Garmin Forerunner 205

One thing Garmin has developed to help you with your workouts is the Garmin Training Center software. With the training center software you can decide between Quick Workout (basic distance and time type of data), Interval Workouts (same as Quick Workout, but with repetition and rests between each repetition of the workout) and Advanced Workouts (you set goals and can have the software change the other variables thus giving you an unique workout each time). But in this new series, the training center software allows you to design workouts on your computer and then load them into your Forerunner watch. It also allows you to share your workouts with friends over the internet. So, in reality, your training partner could live halfway around the world and you could still monitor each other’s progress and motivate each other through your workouts. Talk about “it’s a small world”!!

With the new design changes, improved technology, and more user-friendly training center software, Garmin has continued its dominance atop the GPS watch world.

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