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Garmin GPS or Magellan GPS – What GPS System Is Right For You?

Before that long trip with your family, you should take the time to purchase the best GPS system your budget allows.

Ok, so you’ve packed the children and the luggage into the car. However, the map is in shreds and the directions you got from Aunt Edna are barely coherent. So you turn to a familiar piece of technology, GPS. You’ve employed GPS tracking systems to keep track of your children. You’ve employed car GPS to keep track of your teenager when he or she is driving it alone. But now you need a good GPS system such as a Garmin GPS system to make sure you get where you want to go and not end up like the Griswolds. 

Some cell phones have GPS systems enabled that can give you turn by turn directions. Sometimes these GPS equipped cell phones can do in a pinch if you don’t have time to buy any of the main GPS systems that are available. These cell phones are usually used by downloading a mapquest type of application to the phone which allows you to send the directions to the mapping site. But know that no handheld GPS system is ideal for use in the car. 

If you have time before that fateful trip with your family, then you should take the time to purchase the best GPS system your budget allows. Some of the considerations will obviously be things such as; 

  • Speech capabilities
  • Traffic Information
  • Bluetooth & MP3 compatibility
  • Touch Screen

 This last one is important as you do not want to be fiddling around with buttons at night. The screen will already be lit and pressing the “keys” on the touch screen is going to be easier on you and the sanity of your passengers. 

When looking for the best GPS systems for your car, two names keep popping up over and over. These are Garmin GPS and Magellan GPS. A third name, Tom Tom, comes up almost as frequently. All three are very good car GPS systems, however one is the clear favorite. That clear favorite is Garmin

This is not to say that Magellan GPS and Tom Tom aren’t good. In fact they can do most of the same things that Garmin does. And while Garmin GPS is more expensive, the money is worth it because of the quality. Compared to the other two, Garmin GPS has a better user interface, finds the satellites faster, does faster route calculations (including automatic re-routing if you miss your turn) and isn’t down as much. These items are well worth the extra price you may pay for a Magellan GPS or Tom Tom. 

The biggest advantages is the user interface and the re-routing automatically if a turn is missed. When you employ a Garmin GPS in your car, you never have to worry about stopping on the side of the road to re-enter your destination. The GPS system made by Garmin does this for you. Which is a godsend for those of us who like to take a turn too early. 

So what are some of the best GPS systems? 

We will go into more detail in subsequent posts about the GPS systems, but now we’ll list the ones that you should research. 

For those on a budget, the Tom Tom One 130, Garmin Nuvi 200, Garmin Nuvi 200W, Garmin Nuvi 250, Nuvi 250W, Nuvi 270, Garmin 350, Garmin c340, Garmin Nuvi 350 and Garmin Nuvi 360 are your best low budget buys. Basically, Garmin has a wide range of models for the budget minded consumer.

For those drivers looking for the best system they should look into the Garmin Nuvi 760 (Nuvi 750, Nuvi 770, Nuvi 780) Garmin Nuvi 255W Garmin Nuvi 255 and the Garmin 2720 (Street Pilot). These GPS systems offer a wide range of features that will make getting to there from here a pleasant experience without all the yelling about missed turns and bad map reading.

Deciding which one is the best for you will entail you researching these online and comparing the different systems side by side. Then once you’ve discovered the right one for you, look around online for the best deals. We’re confident that after you do your homework, you will find the right GPS system for you.

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