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What Is The Garmin 1390t?

One of the leaders in automotive GPS is Garmin. Garmin GPS encompasses the entire pantheon of GPS systems and is the biggest player in the GPS market.

We have talked about Car GPS systems before. One of the leaders in automotive GPS is Garmin. Garmin GPS encompasses the entire pantheon of GPS systems and is the biggest player in the GPS market. One of their auto GPS devices is the Garmin Nuvi 1390t.

What Is The Garmin Nuvi 1390t?

The Garmin 1390t is a car GPS device that mounts on your dashboard (or wherever you like for your GPS device to be) and provides your with information on how to get from your current location to your destination.  The screen is multi colored and is a little over 4 inches. This size gives you a good view and allows Garmin to pack in a lot of information on the screen while still not taking up too much space.

Features Of The Garmin 1390t

The 1390t operates much like the other Garmin Nuvi models. What makes this model special is the loads of features packed into it.  The first feature is the user friendly interface that allows you to slide the menus. Another feature is the addition of an option to choose the route that will save the most fuel. This is in addition to the options for “faster time” or “shortest distance”. Garmin calls this feature the ecoRoute™.   It also is compatible with the MSN Direct/GDB55 feature which can turn your device into a wealth of knowledge that you will need en route.  What this will do is to allow your device to connec with the GDB55 and find out about current traffic and weather conditions. If you buy the Garmin 1390t you get free access to this service for one year! In addition to all of these features, the nuvi 1390t also can record mileage, convert currency, record speed and time spent travelling and even has a clock!

But what makes this car GPS system even more unique is its capabilities out of the automobile. The nuvi 1390t offers the addition of pedestrian navigation. This capability can be enabled with the CityXplorer map (which is optional) and is available in North America and Europe. The pedestrian navigation also has a public transportation mode that allows you to navigate via subways, trains, buses, etc…  Ever left your car in an unfamiliar city, go walking around and then forget where you parked the car? One of the nicest features of the pedestrian navigation is that it can help you find your car again. The Where Am I feature will mark the location of your vehicle when you remove the Garmin 1390t from the vehicle. And this allows you to find your way back to the car easily.

If you are looking for a Garmin Nuvi 1390t, the best place to find the largest selection and the best prices is by doing research on the internet. By having suppliers competing for your dollar, you will be assured of getting the best price on the 1390t. But regardless of where you buy it, the Garmin 1390t provides excellent value whether you use it in, or out of, the car.

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