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How GPS Europe Can Help You Travel

With the invention of GPS, the way you navigate has changed. And one of the best things about this new technological revolution is that GPS devices also work in Europe.

Many years ago, the way to navigate from place to place first involved buying a map. The next step on your journey involved reading the map incorrectly and getting lost. After a few arguments with your spouse you would eventually find your way to your destination. But with the invention of GPS, the way you navigate has changed. And one of the best things about this new technological revolution is that GPS devices also work in Europe. In fact, when using GPS Europe won’t seem like such a daunting place to drive.

When staying in European countries the different road signs and different streets and highways can be quite confusing. And why wouldn’t they? With you being new to the country you would be hard pressed to find your way around even the smallest city. But even a native Parisian would have trouble at times in navigating the streets of Paris.  So what can the GPS for Europe do for you and how does it work?

GPS Europe- How Does It Work?

GPS for Europe works to help you navigate your way by doing a number of things as you drive.

It calculates your route to your destination as well as providing you a graphical representation of where you are in relation to the GPS Europe map.

It can provide places of interest (like restaurants, ATM’s, banks or gas stations) and can also provide voice guidance so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

So if you want to use a GPS device in Europe then you have only a few choices; either rent the device or simply buy a GPS system that will work in Europe as well. Renting is usually not the best option as prices to rent GPS devices from the auto rental companies in Europe usually run on average $12-15 a day. This can be prohibitive if you are planning to travel for a week. With GPS units costing only a bit more than that, you could have a permanent GPS for Europe solution whenever you travel anywhere on the continent.  In fact, for anywhere from $250 to $550 you can get a GPS unit that will work in the U.S. and Europe! Many devices will tell you where traffic jams or construction is going on and with the time saved and gas saved, the GPS unit could pay you back in as little as one trip. So what GPS for Europe devices are available for purchase and work well there? One is the Garmin Nuvi 370 and the other is the Garmin Nuvi 660. 


The Garmin Nuvi 370

Garmin GPS makes a number of great models that can be used in Europe. One of these models is the Garmin Nuvi 370. The Nuvi 370 comes preloaded with maps for North America and Europe. With these maps comes a ton of information regarding points of interest (POI) but also lets you add your own custom POI and proximity alerts for specific POI that you might want to be aware of as you approach them. The version of the Nuvi 370 that is sold in Europe also includes the location of safety cameras. The Garmin Nuvi 370 has a nice feature where it will with your Bluetooth compatible phone to allow you to make calls from your GPS hands-free while you continue to drive. Need dinner reservations for the place you just passed? Then this is definitely the feature you will love about the Garmin 370. See All Features

The Garmin Nuvi 660

Like the Nuvi 370, the Garmin Nuvi 660 comes preloaded with maps and POI when you first turn it on.  And like its cousin, it can display a 2D or 3D representation of the map on the screen. It comes with the same features and functions of the Nuvi 370 but has a larger screen for easier readability. See All Features

Travelling in Europe no longer has to be a trying affair. By using GPS Europe devices that are preloaded with gps Europe maps, you can make sure you travel with less trouble the next time you are in Europe.

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