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The Garmin 60CSx

If you are worrying about getting lost when you go on any trail in almost any condition then a savvy and slick GPS receiver would be best for you.

If you are worrying about getting lost when you go on any trail in almost any condition then a savvy and slick GPS receiver would be best for you. It would be so nice to have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. This handy and lightweight gizmo is packed with all the features you can ever find in a receiver. This device is introduced by the world’s most trusted maker of quality GPS systems and devices, Garmin.

The Garmin 60CSx has been called the best handheld GPS unit device on the market today. With this device you can map your routes in order to find your location and find your way back without getting lost, and when you return from a trek, you can upload the information to your PC and view the data on navigational systems or in Google Earth. The unit runs on alkaline batteries, and the average life on this battery is around 20 hours in warm weather if you don’t constantly use the backlight, although they won’t last nearly this long in extreme weather conditions.

The Garmin 60CSx is the ultimate GPS receiver today; it is a 12 channel, multi-functional global positioning device and a colored LCD with 240 x 160 pixels. It presents information in 256 colors that affords you a high quality image to view your location along with information you needed. The principal feature of this device is that it comes with a SiRF STAR III chipset which is the forefront when it comes to GPS tracking. The chipset provides the receiver the highest signal sensitivity available for handheld devices with its multi-path reflection technology, allowing the chipset to pull signals through roofs, trees and other challenging situations.

The SiRF STAR III is fed through the spherical helix antenna for excellent reception in all kinds of situations such as thick forests and in mountains. It doesn’t hinder its capability to give exact information whether you are in outdoors. The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx GPS does a pretty good job of maintaining its position offering a lot in handheld GPS.

The 60CSx also has another feature which makes it more in demand is the electronic compass which can determine the direction with pinpoint accuracy, even when just standing still. This makes sure to delight hikers and trail addicts with little sense of direction. This also assures them that they are on the right path even when it might not seem so.

The Garmin GPS 60CSx also has a terrific barometric altimeter that provides precise and accurate elevation information, generally making it easier to track where you are and how much deeper or higher you should go to reach your destination. You can also customize it so that the way the map looks just the way you prefer it such as north up, direction of travel up, turn guidance text on when you are navigating a route, set the amount of mapping details you want display on the screen, turn on or off track recording, and many more.

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